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Multi-biometric Systems

A multi-biometric identification system combines two or even more biometric methods, taking advantage of each one’s benefits in order to achieve even better precision and reliability. This technique is extremely important for biometric systems, that use 1:N-identification procedures and handle an extremely large number of data, because the possibility of error is sufficiently reduced.

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MegaMatcher technology is designed for large-scale AFIS and multi-biometric systems developers. The technology ensures high reliability and speed of biometric identification even when using large databases.

MegaMatcher is available as a software development kit that allows development of large-scale single- or multi-biometric fingerprint, iris, face, voice or palm print identification products for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Android platforms.

Reliability Tests

MegaMatcher includes fingerprint, facial, speaker, iris and palm print recognition engines along with a fused algorithm for fast and reliable identification in large-scale systems. The fingerprint, face, voice and iris identification algorithms may each be used separately to develop AFIS, automated face, speaker or iris identification systems. The biometric software engines contain many proprietary algorithmic solutions that are especially useful for large-scale identification problems. These solutions were specifically developed for MegaMatcher, incorporating aspects of the VeriFinger, VeriLook, VeriSpeak and VeriEye algorithms. 

MegaMatcher biometric template extraction and matching algorithm is designed to run on multi-core processors allowing to reach maximum possible performance on the used hardware.





Reliability Testing Results

The identification reliability is important for large-scale systems. MegaMatcher SDK includes a fused algorithm for fast and reliable identification using several biometric records taken from the same person.

As we do not have any single database with all supported biometric modalities, separate tests with selected madalities were performed for the MegaMatcher biometric engines to demonstrate their reliability and performance with single biomtric modalities and combinations of several modalities:

 Suitable for

  • Access Control
  • Software Security - users identification
  • Time and attendance
  • e.t.c


Advantages of MegaMatcher

  • Proven in national-scale projects, including passport issuance and voter deduplication.
  • NIST MINEX-compliant fingerprint engine, NIST IREX proven iris engine.
  • 200,000,000 irises or 100,000,000 fingerprints or faces per second can be matched with MegaMatcher Accelerator.
  • Fingerprints, irises and faces can be matched on smart cards using MegaMatcher On Card.
  • Includes fingeprint, iris, face, voice and palm print modalities.
  • Rolled, flat and latent fingerprint matching.
  • BioAPI 2.0 nad other ANSI and ISO biometric standards support.
  • Multiplatform, scalable cluster architecture for parallele matching.

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